IMC/Operator Selection

A key component of business engineering and investment project of building a hotel is to select an international management company, which is not only one of the main requirements to obtain financing, but also provides a number of advantages:

  • Management by an International operator increases net operating profit (NOP) by 10-15%
  • Hotel occupancy increases up to 85%
  • Possibility of attraction corporate chain’s clients from the first working day of the hotel
  • High quality of services according to international standards
  • Receiving all chain standards: ready design solutions, main requirements
  • The right to use the brand
  • Advertising and promotion of the hotel on international market
  • Access to international on-line booking
  • Highly skilled management
  • Tax optimization.
  • World experience of costs control
  • Increase of assets value

Our mission doesn’t end with operator selection. We provide analysis, negotiations, coordination and support of contractual relationship between hotel and investment project owners and operator before the contract has been signed and the project has been implemented on the turkey basis.