Consulting service Ukraine

Our main goal is to help our clients to develop a successful and profitable business in Ukraine and all our services either expressly or by implication are aimed to achievement of this goal.

Our main services are business and project development and investment projects.

We provide different options of business development, such as creation of new business turnkey, buying existing business, creation of a joint venture and partnership, organization of business based on franchising and other. We act according to investor’s criteria and his technical requirements.

 Also we provide separate consulting services, such as: purchase and sale of business, mergers and acquisitions, market research, market analysis, legal support of projects, financial advisory services, risk management, company valuation, business planning, management consulting and others.

We provide our services either within a project, which we develop for a client, or separately.

We provide services which are essential for foreign investors. Use of local guidance saves you both time and money. Operating in a different business culture and environment with different rules of business dealing, you meet a lot of obstacles and risks on your way, which we can help you to avoid.

Being familiar with the obstacles, which foreign investors face entering Ukrainian market, we focus on failure prevention and informed decision-making. We always base our conclusions and offers on sound analysis and in-depth business expertise, allowing our clients to take accurate and effective decisions, based on a clear picture of the Ukrainian business. A list of our clients and partners includes a wide range of financial organizations, investment banks, a number of privately and publicly held companies and individual investors. Our extensive knowledge of Ukrainian business, understanding of opportunities and challenges of the market lets us provide essential information for our foreign clients who are interested in investing in Ukraine.

Despite Ukraine has a lot of business opportunities, as our solid experience shows, the best way to invest in Ukraine is to have full and continuous supervision of whole investment process by a local consulting company. In past years in Ukraine we have been a witnesses of number of negative experience of foreign investments, when the foreign investors have lost their money due to some mistakes initially made through the investment process because of not enough knowledge and understanding of the specificity of the Ukrainian business dealing. Therefore in order to make a secure investment into Ukraine a foreign investor needs the guidance of professional local consultants who will help him to avoid possible loses.

MAYGER provides the following consulting services:

  • Business Development in Ukraine, Setting up Business in Ukraine

Ukrainian Consulting Company MAYGER provides various services on business development in Ukraine, such as support in opening/organizing business, finding an investment and local partner, organization of joint-venture, development of business-idea, implementing of franchising in Ukraine, purchase of business, business development, legal support, support of purchase and sales transactions. MAYGER offers the following options of Business Development in Ukraine, such as creation of new business turnkey, creation of business by buying existing business, creating of business based on a joint-venture and partnership, creation of business based on franchising, development of existing business by providing turnkey service, business creation by organization of contracts of real property management (real estate, hotel business, etc.).

  • Project Management

MAYGER has developed a unique approach to project management which provides the most effective realization of projects within the contracted timeframe and achievement of the most satisfactory results of organization and realization of your business. Our Project Management services include organization of a project, development of a project, fundraising for your project, management of a project and reviewing progress, exiting the project.

  • Hotel Consulting Ukraine

Ukrainian consulting company MAYGER provides consulting services, complex complicated innovative solutions and consulting products for Hotel Business to the foreign private investors, owners of investment projects and hotels, investors, international and local operators, chains, buyers and sellers of hotel estate. The range of our consulting services covers: luxury hotels, boutique hotels, business hotels, luxury resorts, SPA, casinos, golf clubs as well as budget and roadside, mini-hotels, motels and hostels.

  • Legal Services in Ukraine, Legal Support Ukraine

Ukrainian Consulting Company MAYGER is specializing on a wide range of legal services in Ukraine and legal support of business/projects in Ukraine according the goals and strategy of your business based on Ukraine legislation. The company provides fast and flexible legal services in Ukraine to entities of different economy sectors including Hotels and Resorts, Real Estate and Construction, Shipbuilding, Agriculture, Finance, Energy and Infrastructure.

  • Investment in Ukraine

MAYGER professionally provides services on investment support and investor relation, location of investment, M&A, business organization, implementation of investment projects, development and maintenance of existing business in Ukraine. We are the initiators of the Association of Foreign Investors in Ukraine and invite you FOR FREE to cooperate and join the membership aimed at promotion of Investment in Ukraine. Currently we have a big database (UKRPROJECT DATABASE) of projects in various stages of readiness for investments as well as existing industrial objects, business and investment project. MAYGER is the owner of the unique Ukrainian business portal «BUSINESS IN UKRAINE», where you can find investment projects and businesses for purchase, joint-venture for investment or partnership in Ukraine:

  • Financial advisory services in Ukraine

MAYGER provides a full package of financial advisory services to potential and current investors in Ukraine, offering the most advanced solutions. Our financial advisory services are focused on: lender advisory, acquisition advisory, financial modeling, private equity, financial engineering, fund placement, transactions.

  • Management consulting

Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement. MAYGER LLC also provides assistance of organizational management change, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services.


  • Market Research, Market Analysis in Ukraine

For making strategic decisions, long and short-term planning, to determine company’s behavior on the existing market as well as when entering new markets and to achieve the highest success, the most complete and objective information about the market in general and consumer perception of your product and its brand is required. The specialists of MAYGER will help you In solving these questions.

  • Merger & Acquisition, Purchase and Sale of Businesses

We provide services for buying and selling commercial real estate in Ukraine, business, companies, banks, investment projects, land and agricultural land, startups, commercial properties, hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, logistics real estate, industrial real estate, retail and entertainment real estate, farms, terminals, operating companies and factories, construction companies, agricultural companies, energy companies, financial institutions and other businesses.

  • Audit in Ukraine, Accounting in Ukraine

Ukrainian Consulting Company MAYGER provides professional audit in Ukraine, accounting services in  Ukraine and financial reporting for organizations and individual entrepreneurs. MAYGER provides independent information on the company state and offers guidelines on reducing various risks and realization of potential capacities of your business.

  • Risk Management

Foreign companies face many challenges in the modern market of Ukraine. It is often connected with macro and microenvironment. We assess potential risks, develop strategies and plans of risk management as well as management of consequences of risk.

  • Tenders in Ukraine

MAYGER provides a full range of services in support of tenders in Ukraine at all stages of participation in the tender, from the monitoring of announcements of the tender and up to signing the contract. Our main services for bidders (tenderers) are: participation in the tender in association with a foreign party; Support of participation in the tender (competitive procurement, bidding), which includes as well the preparation of necessary documents and their submission; submission of a foreign party’s documents.

  • Government relations

Ukrainian consulting company MAYGER organizes negotiations and meetings with state authorities on the governmental, regional and local levels and represents the interests of your business in the Ukraine government.


Ukrainian company MAYGER is the right company for you to help with organization business in Ukraine. There what makes us a reliable and essential consultant for you:

  1. Knowledge of local market and specificity of doing business in Ukraine. Local knowledge is the key to your successful  business in Ukraine. Our professional, qualified consultants, managers, lawyers, market analysts, financial experts  have a deep knowledge and practical experience in dealing with important sectors of the Ukrainian economy.
  2. With Ukrainian Consulting Company MAYGER you are always sure that you will cooperate with professionals who always reach a common goal – steady success of your business in Ukraine.
  3. Confidentiality. The basis of our work is confidential information. We guarantee our Customers and Partners a full observance of confidentiality of commercial information.
  4. International Standards. MAYGER develops projects in Ukraine and provides services  according to international standards allowing obtaining the best profitability and maximizing the asset value.
  5. Customer Oriented Approach. We use Creative & Reliable solutions and individual approach to each project inUkraine in order to meet our clients’ interests and provide them with the best and the most profitable business according to their criteria.
  6. Reliability. We always base our conclusions on sound analysis and in-depth business expertise and only verified information, allowing our clients to take informed and accurate decisions, based on a clear picture of the business partner.

We help our clients to explore opportunities available in Ukraine and to choose the best ones for them to establish and develop their business here.

Being a Ukrainian consulting company with more than 10 years of experience, we know what our foreign clients want and, valuing our reputation, we offer only the best solutions for them. Interests of our clients are always on the first place for us.