Marketing Concept

Marketing Concept development is a prerequisite to implementing an investment project in the stiff completion environment.

Marketing Concept revolves around aligning all the business project’s/ company’s functions and capabilities towards fulfilling stakeholder’s / investor’s needs and proves the feasibility of project’s successful implementation.

Well-tailored marketing concept is a pledge of economic viability and sustainable profitability of a business project. Marketing concept gives the business project stakeholders a clear insight into of the most effective and economically feasible scenario which better positions and promotes a project (running business/operating a company) towards achieving greater profitability against lower risks.

Marketing concept contributes to increased economic value added of a project and favors investment generation.

Development of the Marketing Concept by the business consulting company MAYGER implies following steps and services:

  • Project Marketing Strategy development

Project Marketing Strategy combines the key project marketing goals into solid, comprehensive marketing plan that communicates and steers business project benefits to investors and targets achieving the best results and returns on investment.

  • Project Marketing Positioning

Project Marketing Positioning – is a process of identifying where project fits into the marketplace and provides the insight required to clearly distinguish the business project from competitors and versus the best available choice.

  • Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy – valuation and setting a fair price for business (company) to best meet project objectives.

  • Promotion

Project promotion plan outlines relevant promoting tools and tactics helping reach the project’s target market.  

Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication – a marketing communication concept that results from evaluated strategic role of its components (advertising, sales promotion, PR, etc.) and refers to integrating promotion methods and aspects of marketing mix enabling consistency and effectiveness of communication program towards achieving objectives of the project marketing campaign.

Concept Audit (assessment) and Project Concept Restatement

Concept Audit – spotting of project concept gaps.                                                         

Project Concept Restatement – adjustment of project concept.

Further Project Administration and Monitoring

Further Project Administration – well-coordinated relevant activities aimed at successful implementation of the project, as well as its progress analysis, generating and boosting synergy effect of its implementation.

Employing the wide experience and understanding respective markets the company’s staff will make a comprehensive marketing research, analyse and review advantages, gaps and weaknesses of the business project and develop a tailor-made marketing strategy driving the project unique and marketable.  

Marketing concept developed by the company MYGER, based upon market trends, needs and preferences of potential clients, will underpin and promote the business project towards establishing it as a leading choice on the market.