Business planning Ukraine

One of the major activities of MAYGER is to provide professional services in writing business plans and feasibility studies.

It is difficult to challenge the importance of a business plan:

• In the current market conditions with the ever increasing competition, business organization requires a professional approach. Creation a new or development an existing business is impossible without creation of a competent business plan.

• Business plan shows a real chance of creating a business, provides an objective assessment of your opportunities and risks.

MAYGER provides such services in business planning:

  • Business plan or an investment project
  • Business plan for business development
  • Financial plan
  • Development of individual sections of the business plan
  • Presentation of business plan and investment project

MAYGER offers services of writing business plans with a purpose of:

  • establishment of a joint venture
  • establishment of a new business
  • development of new technology, product or service
  • participation in the auction, tender
  • business reorganization
  • make an informed management decision.

MAYGER has experience in writing business plans for different sectors, such as: the agricultural sector, energy, hospitality, industry, real estate, infrastructure, shipbuilding, food processing, light industry, etc.

Specialists of MAYGER write business plans according to the following international standards:

  • KPMG
  • EBRD

We write business plans in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

The time and financial investments in the creation of a business plan pays off by achievement of company’s goals of business development and diversification of its activities, making the right management decisions, etc. 

MAYGER also provides the following services:

  • Preparation of a feasibility study
  • Cash-flow forecast
  • Development of a financial model
  • Assessment of existing business
  • Evaluation of an investment project