Merger & Acquisition, Purchase and Sale of Businesses

You want to become the owner of business (farm, factory, real estate etc.) in Ukraine? – It is simple. Our services will help you to make it very fast and easy without any risk for your money. Our experience and professional employees will help you with documents, notary, auditing and due diligence and all other procedures you need.

   If you found business in Ukraine and want to buy it, we are ready to support you on all stages and with all services.

   If you need help to select business for purchase, we are ready to make it according to your criteria asap. 

We provide services for buying and selling commercial real estate in Ukraine, business, companies, banks, investment projects, land and agricultural land, startups, commercial properties, hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, logistics real estate, industrial real estate, retail and entertainment real estate, farms, terminals, operating companies and factories, construction companies, agricultural companies, energy companies, financial institutions and other businesses.

The success of the Merger & Acquisition and Purchase and Sale deals depends first on the professional experience of the financial advisor and his ability to forecast different situations and quickly react to the possible changes occurring during the deal. These qualities are acquired only through practical experience. 

While a successful merger or acquisition can enable a company to execute key components of its strategy, an unsuccessful merger can and will destroy value.

Merger & Acquisition services

  • Coordination of activities between local and international markets
  • Preparation of shareholder register
  • Distribution of offer documents
  • Collection of the associated securities deliveries, both physically and electronically
  • Processing of submissions
  • Coordination and distribution of cash, debt and equity consideration
  • Monitoring of securities deliveries and provision of progress reports
  • Handling of any cash being distributed to the shareholders to effect the transfer of ownership
  • Tax reporting services

We consult and help in setting up mergers and acquisitions, purchase and sale which will help to further our client’s business success in Ukraine. We help our clients to identify the ideal company for a merger and if need be to acquire a company which is up for sale. We are also available to provide services for the negotiation process and to help in setting up a legally binding agreement between the two parties.

Merger and acquisition can add considerable value to a business, but making sure that each stage of the transaction process—from valuation to negotiations and completion — is successful demands considerable experience eand knowledge.

We have working relations with many investment banks and technical consultants, our in-house lawyers and our own audit company Ukryugaudit ( allow us to effectively accomplish purchase and sale transactions in Ukraine in order to obtain successful results.

We have a knowledge of a local market and specificity of doing business in Ukraine, we woks in all regions of Ukraine,  which gives us not only an understanding of tendencies and trends in the industry, but also information on potential candidates for the purchasing or selling both Ukraine.

We suggest that this is the perfect time to look purchase and sale or joint ventures in areas like, energy, agriculture, infrastructure, holes and resort, food processing and chemical industries, commercial and industrial real estate and others, and also investment projects, startups, factories, banks and insurance companies, agricultural holdings and sea terminals, construction companies and farms, transport companies etc.. Acquisition of plants and factories which are for sale is also seen to be a very viable and profitable proposition. Our enthusiastic, helpful and knowledgeable professionals at MAYGER are there to guide and help you through these deals of purchase and sale.

If you:

1.         Consider the opportunity to sale your business or its part, investment project, start-up, properties and land;

2.         Plan the entry on the Ukrainian market in the way of acquisition of the Ukrainian companies, buying a business, investment project, start-up, object property or land;

3.         Are already working on the Ukrainian market, but you want acquire additional assets for acceleration of the further growth of the business;

4.         Plan the merger with another company;

5.         Need to restructure your business in way of sales of the insufficient effective assets or the part thereof. 

We can support you!

As leading consultants on support of merger and acquisition transactions, as well as purchase and sale transactions our specialists render the following services:

  • Pre-sale preparation of business
  • Consulting of entrepreneurs and corporations on questions of pre-sale preparation of the business and its purchase
  • Consulting of entrepreneurs and corporations as regards the process of sale and purchase and management of the sale and purchase process on their behalf
  • Analysis of the business for sale and purchase
  • Preliminary estimation of business
  • Search of buyers and investors
  • Development and realization of joint business and control over it
  • Legal audit of the founding documents of a company
  • Representationandprotectionoftheinterestsofbusinessesintheprocessofmergersandacquisitions
  • Support of owners/ company’s management in representation of business to the limited range of buyers and in estimation of obtained offers
  • Client support in negotiation process, in signing of purchase and sales contract and in deal completion
  • Selection of objects, business, investment projects for purchase
  • Estimation of potential deal objects in terms of its correspondence to strategic aims of the buyer and preliminary estimation of the deal effect
  • Support in preparation of the preliminary offer project
  • Providing full buy side or sell side financial, commercial, legal and market due diligence
  • Providing an independent valuation of a company
  • Advising buyers on the inherent value within target businesses and potential synergies that may be gained through an acquisition
  • Obtaining of permission and pre-requisite permits from the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine, drafting documentation, pre and post-acquisition legal support, tender offers etc.
  • Preparation of the information memorandum and other required documentation for sale