M&A Agriland Ukraine

MAYGER LLC is has vast and successful experience in agricultural market since 2000, and provides services on M&A of agricultural land, farms, and other agricultural entities. Our company also provides full legal, consultative and other types of services you may require while conducting the purchase of the agricultural land in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, known for its unique soil and developed agricultural market working both for domestic consumption and export, in order to become the owner of a land you need to buy the agricultural farm that holds the rights on agricultural land. In the nearest future, the moratorium on the direct land sale is expected to be abolished. Currently, the land purchase is only through purchase of agricultural Farms in Ukraine. This is a simple and legal way to become the sole holder of agricultural land in Ukraine. The farm is a legal entity that is registered in the state bodies and can sell corporate rights.

Buying the farm you get an operating business (which already brings profit) with a land bank, technology, personnel, real estate and others. If you are interested only in the use of land, and you want to use only your own equipment, your staff and your rules of agricultural business, etc. according to your criteria, we can select it for you if you order professional services. 

Also, after the purchase of the farm you can take an additional land for lease. All individuals gave their land for rent to farms (up to 49 years). All lease agreements are recorded in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine in the government.

There is also the possibility to rent agricultural land from the state, such a possibility is rare, but still present on the market of Ukraine.

The cost of “land”, but in fact the cost of the farm, is determined by the quality of the land, plains or hills, stock cars, machinery and equipment, the availability of storage facilities and elevators, the cost of renting from private individuals, etc.

Purchase of corporate rights is also registered in the government.


service in Ukraine is not subject to brokerage, and is not a service of brokers and real estate agents. “Land” sale is not advertised, each owner of the farm sells his farm privately, services on sale and contracts on sale are not used by farmers because they hold position – I am selling, if anybody wants to buy, I can sell.

Thus information about the sale of farms is owned by the narrow circle of persons in each region separately. Given that the land in Ukraine is claimed by many foreign corporations, it is constantly bought and sold. There is no such situation that you can come on the market in November and buy what was on sale in September. To make a deal you need to spend a month or two. It is also necessary to make expertise of land, farm audit and legal expertise of documents.

For the purchase of a business (farm), we provide a service M & A – Merger & Acquisition, Purchase and Sale of Businesses


When placing an order for the purchase of the land, after the signing of the service agreement, we provide all the information and direct negotiations with the owners of farms