Business Partner in Ukraine

Select a partner(s) on the basis of existing proposals of Joint Venture \ Business Partnerships or find a partner(s) from operating Ukrainian companies, that request of partners for Jointly Business, according to Your criteria, and also find a partner for start-up.

Organization of JV is possible from scratch, through creation of a new joint business, and through membership in the operating business, becoming co-founders of operating business.

Creation and launch of a new joint business is subject to identical procedures of creation and launch of any business, organization and realization of a project, jointly sharing risks with a partner that also entails primary identification of the partner and next verification of his business reputation.

Creation of a Joint Venture (JV) in Ukraine, buying part of corporate rights of a Business in Ukraine

The most widespread form of organization of Joint Venture is purchase of the part of corporate rights of Business, with an increase of the capital or without.

To successfully become a partner, co-owner of operating business, it is necessary to conduct selection of businesses according to the required criteria and to conduct business negotiations with existing owners.