Tenders in Ukraine

MAGER LLC provides a full range of services in support of tenders in Ukraine at all stages of participation in the tender, from the monitoring of announcements of the tender and up to signing the contract.

Our main services for bidders (tenderers) are:

  1. Participation in the tender in association with a foreign party. Not always a potential foreign bidder meets all the requirements to participate in the tender (for example, knowledge of the market, certain licenses and certificates, permits, experts). MAYGER LLC can act as an associate to participate in the tender and provide the customer with all the missing elements for compliance.
  2. Support participation in the tender (competitive procurement, bidding), which includes as well the preparation of necessary documents and their submission.
  3. Submission of a foreign party’s documents. The documents, required for participation in the tender, should be submitted in person. In order to save time and money of the foreign party, in order to monitor the state of trade, we offer the service of submission the documents for participation in the tender.

MAYGER LLC offers a range of services for the bidders (tenderers) in Ukraine:

  • monitoring of announcements of tenders in Ukraine;
  • advising on tender legislation of Ukraine;
  • examination of tender documentation;
  • legal analysis of tender documentation;
  • preparation of a quotation;
  • preparation of documents confirming compliance of the party according to the tender documentation;
  • estimation of tender proposal (bid proposal);
  • representation of a foreign party;
  • training, legal support, as well as control over the execution of contracts for procurement;
  • appeal of procedures for procurement (tenders);
  • monitoring compliance of all stages of the procurement procedures with applicable law;
  • consultations on specific issues arising during the tender procedure;
  • representation in government.

We will help you to pass the bureaucratic procedures for the development of your business in Ukraine successfully.

Database of tenders in Ukraine  www.business-in-ukraine.com.ua/en/tenders

For additional information about Tenders in Ukraine or if required information is missing, please contact tender@mayger.org