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International Business Project INDUSTRIAL PARK «OVIDIY CITY»

«OVIDIY CITY» is considered a unique international Business project. According to the concept it corresponds to the INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE MULTIFUNCTIONAL INDUSTRIAL PARK with SEA HUB PORT (HUB TERMINALS)

The FIRST & ONLY in Ukraine INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE MULTIFUNCTIONAL INDUSTRIAL PARK with modern infrastructure (HUB Terminals, hotels, logistics centers, etc.) for handling all types of cargo by AIR, SEA, RIVER, RAIL, ROAD and PIPELINE connecting Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia.   

International Business Project INDUSTRIAL PARK «OVIDIY CITY» is considered a unique international investment project. According to the concept it corresponds to the INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE MULTIFUNCTIONAL INDUSTRIAL PARK:  

1. Private International HUB Airport

2. PRIVATE MULTIFUNCTIONAL SEA HUB PORT (with project depth of 18 m at berth wall)

  • Passenger
  • Cargo


  • Container
  • Metal cargo
  • Break-bulk cargo (iron ore fines or concentrate, construction materials, etc.)
  • Bulk cargo (grain, salt, sugar, etc.)
  • Bulked cargo (vegetable, oils and fats, beverage, etc.)
  • Temperature-controlled cargo (frozen fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, etc.)
  • Other terminals (Only Eco Friendly)

3. Warehouse & Logistics Complex (logistic centers, storages)

4. Industries (Eco-friendly businesses: plants, factories, etc.)

5. LEISURES AND ENTERTAINMENT (Entertainment, Hotels & Resorts, SPA, Sports complexes, Casinos, Entertainment Parks, Water Parks, Beaches, etc.)

6. Infrastructure of the project (Transportation, Energy, Water management, Communications, Solid waste management, etc.) 

7. Exhibition & Conference centers

8. Office Centers, Shopping malls (wholesale, retail) and Mix-used

9. Other Eco Friendly Businesses

ANYONE can be the owner of part of the INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE MULTIFUNCTIONAL INDUSTRIAL PARK (HUB Terminals, hotels, logistics centers, etc.).