Energy Ukraine

Geographical location makes Ukraine an important player on the energy market, and the energy sector has the highest prospects for growth among the markets of developing countries, taking into consideration that Ukrainian economy in general has become more open to foreign investments.

Ukraine consulting company MAYGER and provides the whole range of services to meet the challenges of your business and energy saving requirements, reduce production of power consumption, increase energy efficiency and successful development of your business.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide the following services in the field of using energy sources:

  • Wind energy Ukraine
  • Solar energy Ukraine
  • Geothermal energy Ukraine
  • Hard domestic waste Ukraine
  • Biofuel in Ukraine
  • Gas Ukraine

Creative & Reliable Solutions of MAYGER are intended to

  • Energy Business
  • Development of power related projects
  • Solve strategic objectives
  • Improve economic efficiency of business and financial activities
  • Provide integrated solutions for doing  business in Ukraine
  • Government Relations

Energy of Ukraine as a strategic industry is regulated by the state as no other industry and therefore is more influenced by political risks.

MAYGER efficiently cooperates with the State authorities and leading companies in the energy sector to promote and protect your business in Ukraine.