What’s the greatest achievement in your life?

My FAMILY. And the CAREER I have made for 21 years of doing my own businesses is in the widest sensem, a consistent achievement of professional and life goals, climbing the ladder and moving forward and upward. If you start moving ahead you’ll find the WAY. If you make career and go your own way then your life will have its DRIVE. These things should be co-related and balanced.

Which of your merits are you especially proud of?

Our company submitted to the Government of Ukraine the concept of getting out from recession

What are the advantages of your company compared to other companies?

We do not speak what should be done, We just do it!

Where and how do you relax?

Always with my Family, on the sea or ocean coast. Benefitial power of sea water was already known in 480 BC. Euripides wrote: «The sea treats human diseases», Platon stated that «the sea would wash away human troubles», and Hippocrate recommended to take bath with hot sea water.

What is the main principle you follow in decision making?

“Follow the voice of your conscience in your doings” (from the “Code of honour” of a knightly order).

Who is your favourate artist?

Edward Poronik (Odessa, Ukraine). I value him not just as a painter but as a person who opened the world of art for me and helped me build up my own art gallery.

Which country impressed you most?

It’s India. Also I was deeply impressed by the Iron Column in Delhi. According to one Indian popular belief, the one who manages to arm the column standing with his/her back to it, will be happy forever. It’s not a surprise that the iron on this level is thoroughly polished by numerous visitors of Kutab Minar. And I was lucky to have armed the column.

What do the rivals say of you?

The MAYGER has no rivals.

The matter is that the key service of the MAYGER is businesses and investment projects development, other consulting services are the tools for achieving results.

What does the man need to consider himself happy?

To be happy one should be free, independent and professionally successful. To be happy it’s not necessary at all to earn much money. These are the main principles of the Code of Conduct of MAYGER as well as my private motivation.

Why did you devote yourself to business consulting?

With business formation and development in Ukraine I took an active part in establishing and re-structuring of my own companies and businesses as well as in improving business processes in different industries including travel, commercial, manufacturing and financial spheres, etc.). Having accumulated wide professional business experience and got to know my own capabilities and possibilities I established a consulting company to support local and foreigh investors in Ukraine.

Are there any tasks or ideas you have not implemented yet?

No, it’s necessary to remember that “there are no situations without ways out; even each gone case has at least three ways to address it!”

What principle do you follow while recruiting?

The coincidence of values and targets of the company and the employee. The main principle is officer’s capability to achieve results. And creativity is of great importance.

What’s your favourite aphorism?

“Walk and ye shall reach…”

What should a foreign investor know to enter the Ukrainian market?

A Foreign investor entering independently the Ukrainian market takes the risk to lose the project due to unawareness of the local market specificity; that’s why she should respect the following do’s and don’t’s:

  • Do not start the project with a local partner
  • Do undertake a thorough check of legal property documents and agreements, – it’s better to start a project from zero
  • Do cooperate with professionals but not with intermediaries (agents, commissioners)
  • When buying a land plot, property or investment project, Do contact a consulting company to get a legal expertise but not a legal company, as a consulting company will not only assess the documents but will also study all the events of the project, land plot or property history which might help avoid court procedures concerning the property rights
  • Do beware confidentiality of the information exchanged with Ukrainian companies/intermediaries as information disclosure can cause unfair competition on the Ukrainian market.
  • After signing a contract you will be able to get more advice for money.

What are the key principles of providing services by the MAYGER?

Step 1. To recognize and clear up the dilemma

Step 2. To make the analysis and obtain all possible data

Step 3. To make a list of all possible solutions

Step 4. To check every version answering 3 questions:

  «Is it legally?»

  «Is it according to the standards?»

  «Is it for Customer’s benefit?»

Step 5. To make a decision

Step 6. To check the decision twice by answering 2 questions:

  «Is this decision efficient for the Client?»

  «Isn’t this decision harmful for the Client?»

Step 7. To take an action

That’s why our company’s slogan is “Creative & Reliable Solutions”.