Overview sector of the meat industry of Ukraine

Meat and products made from it – the basic products of animal origin in the human diet containing essential sources of complete protein, fat, vitamins, minerals. The meat sector is one of the strategically important sectors of the food industry and has played a leading role in meeting people’s needs in food. Dynamic changes in the economic situation in Ukraine require a sound policy of innovative development of the food industry, in particular the beef sector.

Meat production in Ukraine has a considerable production potential. Currently, the sector employs more than 3,500 companies, including 110 meat processing plants, 20 poultry plants, 15 meat processing plants and sausage factories, as well as a significant number of small power plants.

A significant part in the volume of meat production occupies poultry, its production has a strong tendency to increase. This is due to low cost of production of poultry meat and thus lower the market with a price that ensures the stability of demand.

It is also a significant part in the amount of production of meat products occupy sausages, production per person per year is almost the same as the combined production of beef and pork. It is caused by the growing demand for sausage products having a high nutritional value and high ergonomic properties. In the sausage production structure is dominated cooked sausages that sausages. The volume of production of meat and meat products of domestic meat processing plants depends not only on the organizational and technological factors of production and the raw material base of opportunities, but also on the demand for meat and meat products. The development of the meat industry in Ukraine is largely determined by the purchasing power of the population.

Companies in this sector are located in major cities of Ukraine. Leading manufacturers are located in Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy and Poltava regions.

Active increase in investment in the food industry, especially in meat processing, in recent years contributed to the restoration of production of finished products from meat.

Ukraine has all the necessary conditions for increasing the production of quality products the meat processing industry, in particular meat and products from it. They are suitable climatic conditions, experience of conducting of large-scale meat production in the past, restoration of the processing industry and growing demand for raw materials. Also reflects favorably on the production of large-scale meat solvency population growth and increased demand in the retail market for meat and finished products from it, the rapid development of retail trade enterprises networks, product distribution channels, availability of qualified personnel.