Review of investment potential of Krivoy Rog

City Krivoy Rog is located in the Dnipropetrovsk region and is the largest city of the region. Krivoy Rog has the status of city of regional importance.Krivoy Rog – modern large industrial city with a powerful scientific – industrial, educational, cultural, financial, trading and logistics capabilities.Krivoy Rog industrial center acts out a leading role in the economy of Ukraine and is the main source of raw materials for the development of the steel industry, is of strategic importance for economic independence and security of the state.The number of existing facilities is managing 9386 legal persons and 25,180 physical persons – entrepreneurs.The industrial potential of the city are about 90 large industrial enterprises of different industries: iron and steel, machinery, building materials, chemical, printing, woodworking, light and food industries. Among them, the mining companies – metallurgiynogo complex of world significance.As a result, the share of Krivoy Rog in the volume of industrial products sold in Ukraine is 7.8%, 39.4% of the Dnepropetrovsk region.Businesses and organizations of the city carried out foreign trade operations with 99 countries of the world.During the 2015 figure of exports of goods amounted to 4 646.1 million US dollars. import figure was 667.1 million US dollars.Foreign direct investment amounted to 4 726.5 million US dollars. The number of countries with which received investments at the beginning of the year, is 28. The main countries – investors are: Germany (92.3%), Cyprus (3.8%), Netherlands (3.3%), the UK (0.2% ), Virgin Islands (Brit.) (0.09%).
Priority sectors for investment in this city are:- Mechanical engineering;- Chemical industry;- The printing industry;- light industry;- Food industry;- Woodworking industry.