Review of the investment potential of Boryspil

Modern Boryspil – a city of regional significance with a stable economic and social development, sufficient industry, construction and transport base, financial – credit institutions, advanced network of trading enterprises, public catering and consumer services. Development of small and medium-sized businesses affected by the increase in revenue to the city budget. City – with donor contributions to citywide budget tax revenues and belongs to a group of investment – attractive cities in Ukraine.Investment advantages of the city are:- Distant proximity to the city of Kiev – the capital of Ukraine;- Location of the city by car – highway Kyiv – Kharkiv, railroad Kiev – Poltava, proximity to the very largest airport in Ukraine State Enterprise “International airport” Borispol “;- Advanced engineering – transport infrastructure;- Developed industrial complex with a high capacity for the production of competitive products;- Development of the financial network – credit institutions.The city’s economy combines industry priorities which are: food and food processing, chemical, building materials and construction, cosmetics, personal hygiene products.Production infrastructure Boryspil city 11 industrial enterprises provided that produce food products, building materials, animal feed, personal hygiene items, plastic windows and doors, a polyamide film for sausage products, polyethylene pipes.
Small and medium business is in a stage of active development. At this point in the city there are 770 private enterprises.Boryspil has an attractive labor market: it is characterized by a high level of education and skills development.    To attract foreign and domestic investments in the economy of the city the city authorities are constantly working on creating a favorable investment climate, namely: developing question the allocation of land for the production cycle facilities, rental communal property premises, provides advice on the design and execution of investment projects and provides them exhibitions, forums, inspections.The city has 116 enterprises with foreign investments. The main activities of these enterprises are: trade, restaurant business, construction, food, transportation.