Review of the investment potential of the city of Belaya Tserkov

City Belaya Tserkov is located on the banks of the river Ros and has a favorable geographical location: next to him held a car trunk Saint – Petersburg – Kiev – Odessa. Distance to the capital of Ukraine is 94 kilometers.Proximity to Kiev, convenient transport connections, developed socio – economic infrastructure in conjunction with landscape and natural conditions provide the city a significant investment and tourism benefits.The city’s economy is represented by a powerful industrial complex, which consists of 57 enterprises in different sectors and activities. The leading industries are: chemical industry, machine building, construction, light industry, food industry, processing industry and furniture production.Industrial enterprises are adopting the latest technology and advances in science and technology. The quality system in most enterprises is certified according to ISO – 9001 – 2001. The volume of industrial production in the city are about 10% of the volume of the Kiev region.The main areas of attraction of investments into the city economy are: industry, engineering, construction, development of the tourism industry and sports infrastructure.  Foreign economic activity in the city is engaged in 160 enterprises of different ownership forms. The geography of foreign economic activity is diverse. The city enterprises to trade with countries of the former Soviet Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), the Middle East (Iran), European countries (Slovakia, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland ).Over the past few years we have seen a dynamic growth in foreign trade turnover.The priority areas for investment are:- Reconstruction of the central part of the city;- Creation of entertainment areas – sports center on the island with the construction of a pedestrian bridge;- Creation of a center of international freight and air transport Technology Park on the basis of “Belotserkovsky cargo aircraft complex” utility;- Construction of a plant for processing and disposal of waste;- Construction of the youth center of culture and leisure;- The creation of a modern complex on the basis of the property complex of the CP”Enterprise Hotel Industry”;-organization serial production of heat pumps, solar collectors, heating units and heating units of the updated model for the modernization of heating public utility systems. A key element of the investment policy of the city is to create a joint multilateral system of attracting investment, the establishment of effective activity of the relevant structures, clear communication, and implementation of innovative partnerships between local governments and businesses.