Overview sector of the chemical industry of Ukraine

Chemical industry of Ukraine includes mining and chemical industry, industry of basic chemistry and organic synthesis, is a complex structure, and refers to the industry that provide scientific and technical progress of the country, its development received considerable attention. The widespread use of chemical technologies in all sectors of the economy determines the key role of the industrial sector of Ukraine. Availability of raw materials (minerals, industrial waste, agricultural products sector, wood, etc.) is the basis for the active development of the chemical industry in Ukraine. This industry includes industries to manufacture products that use a chemical method of processing materials.

Ukrainian chemical enterprises are geographically located in different regions, allowing them to compete with each other, however, it makes them a natural monopolist in the region.

The leading branch of the chemical industry is the basic chemicals – fertilizers, acids, etc. (About 40% of gross production).

In Ukraine, produce various types of fertilizers: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, combined.

Basic chemistry is developed based on the processing of local and imported raw materials. Potassium, magnesium, kitchen salt, phosphates, sulfur is local raw materials, and apatite and natural gas are imported raw materials.

Potassium, magnesium salts are extracted in the Carpathian, kitchen salt in Transcarpathia, phosphates in Sumy and Kharkiv region, deposits of titanium ores are developing in the Dnipropetrovsk region, sulfur mined in Lviv region.

Nitrogen fertilizers are based on ammonia produced from natural gas and coke production waste.

Mineral fertilizers and ammonia one of the strategic export products of Ukraine. Ukraine – one of the leading exporters of nitrogen fertilizers in the world exports of mineral fertilizers in the 70 countries of the world. The main customers are: India, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Pakistan, Nigeria.

Production of phosphate fertilizers is guided in their placement on the consumer (agricultural sector). Leading  place among the production of sulfuric acid belongs, as its products are widely used in various sectors of the economy. Sulfuric acid industry – one of the basic chemical industry, whose products are used in the production of mineral fertilizers, metallurgy, food and light industry. This production is developed on the basis of recycling sulfur waste coke and oil refining industries.

Organic  synthesis chemistry is represented by plants that produce intermediates for the preparation of polymers. The largest production of polymer processing is the production of tires and rubber-asbestos products (Dnepropetrovsk, White Church).

It is developing dynamically and paint industry and the production of synthetic dyes. Dyes, glues, enzymes, composites and product group of plant protection products occupy 11-14% of chemical products market. The lion’s share in the consumption of chemical products belongs to group 39 – polymers and plastics (42-43%).

The production base of Ukrainian chemical enterprises was founded in the second half of the 20th century, but due to constant renewal, capital and current repairs of all facilities are in good condition. This is indicated by the stable performance of the enterprise for the year.

In recent years it became urgent modernization to save energy and reduce consumption of expensive raw materials.

Competitive advantages of the chemical industry are:

– Geographical location;

– Transport infrastructure, railways, and ports;

– Coordinated actions of enterprises which are very often the concentration of production;

-the presence of powerful and advanced chemical plants.

Summing up, it should be noted that the chemical industry of Ukraine confidently held in the global market, has established links with other sectors of the economy, a good reputation in the world market and the highest rating of investment attractiveness.

After a process of modernization and reconstruction of the global chemical industry will become one of the most profitable and promising sectors in Ukraine.