Review of the investment potential of the Kirovohrad region

Kirovograd region is situated in the center of Ukraine and is located at the intersection of major transport links.The competitive advantages of the region are:- The availability of fertile black soil allows this area to enter the top – 4 for the degree of natural fertility of soils;- The high potential of the region in the production of agricultural products. Tradition and experience of effective agricultural production provide an opportunity to enter the markets of high performance organic food;- Significant reserves of mineral resources. On the territory of Kirovograd region there are more than 300 mineral deposits;- Developed transport infrastructure. The transport complex of the region includes objects of rail and road transport, civil aviation facilities;- The availability of a modern base for training high-level professionals and a strong scientific potential;- Developed recreation and tourism industry;- Stable foreign economic relations;- Effective investment policy authorities in the region.In the Kirovograd region is located about 400 industrial enterprises.In the structure of industrial production is dominated by the following economic activities: manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco, machinery, metal production, manufacture of fabricated metal products.Businesses and organizations in the region is carried out foreign trade operations in more than 80 countries around the world.

 № Main export partners %


Main import partners %


1 Russian Federation 18,0 USA 19,7
2 Belize 13,5 Germany 16,7
3 Egypt 9,3 Belgium 10,5
4 Belarus 6,8 Russian Federation 5,9
5 India 5,9 France 4,3
6 Spain 5,3 Indonesia 4,1
7 Poland 5,1 Poland 3,9
8 Turkey 4,1 Turkey 3,1
9 Iran 3,6 China 3,0
10 Kazakhstan 2,9 Czech Republic 2,7

In the structure of export of services for economic activities predominated:

– Transportation services – 92.8%;

– Services in the field of real estate transactions – 3.8%

– Education services – 2.4%.

In 2015 64.4 million US dollars of foreign direct investment was attracted into the economy of this area.


Direct investment (mln. US) %  
Total 64,4 100,0
United Kingdom 18,5 28,7
Holland 15,1 23,4
Russian Federation 10,5 16,2
Cyprus 10,0 15,4
Virgin Islands (Brit.) 1,9 3,0
Israel 1,1 1,7
Other countries 7,3 11,6

Priority sectors for investment in this area are:

– Agriculture;

– Food industry;

– The infrastructure of the agricultural sector (vegetable stores, wholesale markets, logistics centers);

– Agricultural engineering;

– Renewable energy;

– Mining industry.