Review of venture investment market of Ukraine

The venture capital investment funds confirms the growth of the market of venture investments in Ukraine from zero to tens of millions of dollars for the period 2009-2015. Every year in IT-projects, web projects and e-commerce projects, investors are investing about $ 50 million and this is only the beginning.venture investment sector in Ukraine began to develop in 2006-2008. It is in these years is necessary the creation of the so-called ecosystem – from industry events and online entrepreneurs. The growth of venture capital investment market is associated with the entry into the market well-known international and local investors new: TA Venture, Almaz Capital, eVenture Capital Partners, KM Core, Dekarta Capital, AVentures Capital Russia Partners, Runa Capital, and others.Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is one of the most attractive sectors of the venture capital investment in Ukraine.Now Ukraine is the second Internet – the market in the CIS and one of the fastest growing market in Europe. The annual turnover is estimated at 1.5 billion dollars. Investors are actively investing in projects of e-commerce, an innovative web-projects focused on end-user (financial services, tourism, mobile applications, etc.).We would like to point out that if there is a decrease in investments in the venture capital markets in Europe: venture capital funds are reviewing investment strategy towards companies which are in the later stages of the life cycle. The number of companies that have received investments in the product development stage, decreased from 21% to 18%. And in Ukraine we observe the opposite situation dramatically: transactions become more active in investing more projects in the early stages. Investments in the IT sector has increased on average by 50-80% annually.