Positive tendencies

December the 6th, 2004 Mayger Consulting had published the report about negative tendencies in Ukrainian economy due to which number of country credit ratings were changed. However from 1.01.2005 the situation started to improve showing the following:

  1. January the 21th, 2005 the Fitch raised Ukraine rating from “B +” up to “BB-” (source).
  2. January the 28th, 2005 R&I has raised Ukraine rating of long-term loans in foreign currency from “B+” up to “BB-“. The rating is expected to be stable according to R&I communiquй (source).
  3. The law on cancellation of Jackson – Venik amendment and normalization of foreign trade with Ukraine as well as democracy support in the country was introduced to USA Senate (source).
  4. ERDB investments into Ukraine can reach €1 billion annually (January the 29th, 2005): the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development declares its readiness to attract 1 billion EURO annually into Ukrainian market (source).
  5. Stabilization of bank system. The chairman of National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Vladimir Stelmakh announced on Wednesday at the meeting with the president of Association of Ukrainian Banks (АUB) Alexander Sugonjako about complete stabilizing of Ukraine bank system (source).

These and other facts give the basis to speak about continuation of Ukraine economy development and gradual improvement of investment climate.