Review of the market of cheese products in Ukraine

Cheese and its derivatives are a highly nutritious and healthy food that is made from curdled milk.In the milk processing sector of Ukraine, cheese production is about 10%. The cheese is produced by 200 enterprises with a production capacity of […]

Review of Ukrainian grain market

Ukraine is one of the leading countries supplying agricultural products to the world market. 42 million hectares of fertile land our country are optimal for agricultural plantations. In the international market cereals sector, Ukraine is one of the leading niche […]

Review of alternative energy source in Ukraine

Alternative Energy – a set of advanced production methods of energy transfer and utilization, which are common, are not as widespread as traditional, but provide interest because of the profitability of their use at low risk of causing harm to […]

Review of the machine industry of Ukraine

Active investment process in Ukraine is one of the important indicators of the efficient functioning of the economy. Investment infusion contribute to the restructuring of all branches of the industrial sector and the stability of economic development of our country.Branch […]

Review of sector of the dairy industry of Ukraine

The sector of the dairy industry of Ukraine includes enterprises for the production of milk from various dairy products: canned milk, butter, milk powder, cheese, cheese, cream, sour cream and other dairy products.The enterprises of the dairy industry of Ukraine […]

Review of investment potential of Krivoy Rog

City Krivoy Rog is located in the Dnipropetrovsk region and is the largest city of the region. Krivoy Rog has the status of city of regional importance.Krivoy Rog – modern large industrial city with a powerful scientific – industrial, educational, […]