Review of investment potential of city ​​Korosten

Korosten  – one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, the city of regional importance, is part of the Zhitomir region. Distance from the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv city – 150 kilometers. It shares borders with the Republic of Belarus.Korosten […]

Review of the Ukrainian fisheries market

World fisheries production has steadily increased (catch) of fish, seafood and aquaculture products, and global catch rate of growth outpaced the growth of the world population that characterizes the global fisheries as a dynamically developing with an inexhaustible potential for […]

Review of the investment potential of Boryspil

Modern Boryspil – a city of regional significance with a stable economic and social development, sufficient industry, construction and transport base, financial – credit institutions, advanced network of trading enterprises, public catering and consumer services. Development of small and medium-sized […]

Review of solid biofuels market in Ukraine

Today the world’s popular solid biofuel is growing. Many European industrial companies are using this resource to generate heat, as an alternative to gas.In an age when natural energy resources are spent billions of tons throughout the world, when oil […]

Review of the Ukrainian fertilizer market

Today, the chemical industry in Ukraine is going through difficult times. This is due to the fact that the foundation is the production of fertilizers. The uncertain political and economic situation in the country affected the slowdown in growth of […]

Review of the international hotel sector

Formation of new industrial complexes is one of the modern trends of the world economy that, year after year turns into an invisible economy, expressed the following trends of development: formation of a “tertiary sector”, informatization and financialization of the […]

Review of venture investment market in Ukraine

These venture capital investment funds confirms the growth of the market of venture investments in Ukraine from zero to tens of millions of dollars for the period 2009-2016. Every year in IT-projects, web projects and e-commerce projects, investors are investing […]

Investing in the financial crisis

According to the generally accepted definition, the financial crisis – a sharp change in the value of financial instruments. The classification proposed by the American economist Michael Bordo, financial crises are grouped into three broad categories that are generally closely […]