Ministries of Ukraine

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Ministry of Justice of Ukraine creates and ensures implementation of the national law policy, policies on insolvency and the electronic digital signature application issues; creates and ensures implementation of policies in the field of archives, records management, establishing and operating the national system of insurance fund documentation, policies on enforcing criminal punishments, personal data protection in the field of the enforcement of decisions of courts and other bodies (officials), policies in the sphere of the state registration civil status acts, the state registration of property rights and liens, policies on the state registration of legal entities and individuals-entrepreneurs, on the registration (legalization) of public associations and other civic formations, charters, printed media and news agencies as subjects of information activities.

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine establishes and ensures implementation of the state financial, budget, fiscal and customs policies; policy in the sphere of state financial control, the treasury maintenance of budget funds, accounting, issuing and holding lotteries, establishing and controlling issuance of the securities and   accountable documents; creates and ensures implementation of policies in the spheres of mining, production, use and storage of precious metals, precious, semi-precious and organic stones, their circulation and accounting, as well as policies on preventing and counteracting the legalization (laundering) of illegal incomes or financing terrorism.

Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine provides implementation of the national policy in the spheres of employment and labor migration, labor relations, social safety of population, on family and children issues, as well as policies on the protection of the rights of persons deported on the grounds of national origin, who have returned to Ukraine.

Ministry for Regional Development, Building and Housing of Ukraine provides:

1)    establishing and implementation of the national policies in the spheres of :

  • improvement of territorial authorities, administrative and territorial division, the development of local self-government;
  • construction, architecture, urban planning, construction materials industry, maintaining the traditional nature of settlements;
  • housing, housing policy, urban land improvement, floral and seed breeding and plant raising, household wastes treatment, interment, technical inventory of items of immovable property;
  • architecture and construction control, control in the field of housing;

2)    technical regulation in the spheres of construction, urban planning, construction materials industry and housing.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine creates and assures implementation of public health policies, creates the public policies in the areas of sanitary and hygienic welfare of the population, in the spheres of developing, manufacturing, controlling quality and medicines, immunobiological medicines and health care products and selling thereof, as well as on preventing HIV/AIDS and other socially dangerous diseases.

Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine creates and ensures the implementation of the national policies in the spheres of education and science, innovation and information technology, intellectual property rights, youth, physical culture and sports

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine creates and ensures its participation in the implementation of the national defense and military construction policies; coordinates activities of State government authorities and local self-government authorities in the defense issues; contributes to the military and political situation analysis and determining of the military threat level to the national security of Ukraine; ensures operativeness, force performance and mobilization, fighting capacity and training of the Armed Forces

Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine creates and implements state policies on civil protection, prevention, response and mitigation of emergency natural, man-made and military situations consequences in peacetime and special periods of rescue and fire extinguishing; performs the State monitoring in the sphere of technological, fire and industrial safety, mining supervision, radioactive waste handling, Chernobyl disaster consequences relief, prevention of injury, as well as hydrometeorological activity.

Ministry of Culture of Ukraine establishes and ensures implementation of the national policies in the spheres of culture, the arts, protection of cultural heritage, export, import and return of cultural values, the state language policy, interethnic relations, religion and protection of minorities of Ukraine; establishes the state policy in the field of cinematography; participates in developing and implementation of state policy on special education in culture and arts.

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine creates and ensures implementation of the State policies in the areas of air, road, rail, sea, river, urban electric transport and in the sphere of airspace of Ukraine, tourism, resorts, underground rail system, road facilities; ensures development and implementation of infrastructure projects in Ukraine, international sport events; ensures traffic safety, navigation and hydrographic support of maritime traffic, merchant shipping, safety of traffic.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine provides implementation of the state policy in the sphere of the external relations of Ukraine and coordinates relevant activities, particularly those aimed at achieving the strategic goals of the foreign policy of Ukraine as for the Ukraine’s joining the European space and creating preconditions for accession to the European Union (EU), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and protection of sovereignty, security, territorial integrity and inviolability of the borders of Ukraine, its political, trade and economic and other interests by diplomatic means.

Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine establishes and implements the nattional policy in the fuel and energy complex. 

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine creates and ensures implementation of the state policy of economic and social development, pricing, industrial, investment, foreign economic policy, national trade policy, state regional policy, state policy on the development of entrepreneurship, technical regulation and consumer protection, as well as inter-agency coordination on issues of economic and social cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union.

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine creates and implements state policies in the following spheres: environment protection, environmental and, within its competence, biological, genetic and radiological safety, preservation of the ozone layer, regulating the negative anthropogenic impact on the climate change and adaptation to its changes, fulfillment within its competence requirements of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol, the development of waterworks system and land reclamation, the geological study and rational use of the land Interior; State supervision (control) for compliance with the requirements of the legislation on environmental protection, rational use and protection of natural resources and protection of lands.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine provides the personal security of citizens, the protection of their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests; the prevention and restraint of offences; maintenance of public order, detection and disclosure of crimes, search for criminals, road safety; protection of property against criminal encroachments; taking part into social and legal aid provision to citizens, assisting, within its competence, the state agencies, companies, institutions and organizations in the discharge of their statutory duties.

Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine ensures implementation of national agricultural policy, the development and implementation of measures to guarantee the food security of the State; provides administration in the spheres of agriculture, horticulture, viniculture, food industry, fisheries, agri-product processing; organizing and ensuring and monitoring agrarian reforms, the development and implementation of the agrarian industry restructuring measures, implementation of the State entrepreneurship policy within its competence.