Franchise network in Ukraine

Based on the fourteen-year experience in Organization and Development of Business in Ukraine, MAYGER LLC can offer Organization Of Franchise Business In Ukraine:

  • Establishment \ Adaptation of the Franchise Package documentation to market conditions and legislative norms of Ukraine
  • Development \ Adaptation \ Correction of structural, technical and technological documentation of the franchising package (tutorial for opening, tutorial for concept, tutorial for marketing, tutorial for personnel, tutorial for services, tutorial for management, tutorial for working in the network)
  • Confidential workbook and other documents of the franchisor, containing description of procedures and standards that must franchisee fulfill to work effectively within the terms of the franchise network.
  • Adaptation \ Adjustment \ Development of financial scheme of the network
  • Legal implementation of the network according to Ukrainian legislation
  • Preparation of presentation materials of the franchise network
  • Legal implementation of the network according to Ukrainian legislation for FRANCHISE BUSINESS IN UKRAINE
  • Trademark Registration in Ukraine
  • Buying of the franchise package
  • Sale of the franchise package
  • Development of the website – presentation of the franchise in Ukraine.

We always strive for perfection in everything we do, set high goals and achieve results, providing a full range of consulting services and solutions ensuring development and protection for your business in Ukraine.